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Rusa stag hunted by Paul Salt. The wallbust illustrated is great was to ensure you get full antler clearance on such a long antlered trophy.
The Rusa Deer, Rusa timorensis, are native to the islands of Java eastwards towards Bali, and Timor in Indonesia. Rusa deer are also found as an introduced species on the Australian mainland, New Zealand and New Caledonia and are a close relative to the larger Sambar deer.
There are two subspecies of the Rusa; the more common and larger Javan Rusa, a large stag weighing in at around 136 kg with does being much smaller tipping the scales at around 96 kg. The second species of Rusa deer is the less common and slightly smaller Mollucan Rusa which on average 20 kg lighter than their Javan cousins.
The largest trophies come from New Caledonia. There the rut is July and If you are interested in hunting rusa stag in New Caledonia in 2011 please contact me I have exclusive access to some of the best hunt grounds the country has to offer and can arrange excellent game fishing also. Not a bad way to spend sometime during the winter months.

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Taking care of your Tanned Skin

When you have your game skin tanned at Taxidermist Ltd in addition to a fine soft white tan you enjoy the benefit of a moth-proofed skin.
In order to have a lifetime of enjoyment from the skin we have some recommendations.
Please note that animals have two coats each year a summer coat and a winter coat.
Each coat is designed to withstand the elements for 6 months only.
If you expose the skin to sunlight it will soon fade.
Some skins are not suitable for wear on the floor because of their hollow hair it will soon break off. Such skins should be hung on the wall or over the back of a chair or couch.
The best skins for high wear areas are nanny tahr and goat skins.
All skins have some “memory” and will curl up, especially at the hock and head, for this reason we recommend you cut them back above the knee and hock. Some skins will also benefit from trimming or cutting darts at the pits of the legs where there is little or no hair. This is similar to the trimming undertaken to your average commercially tanned sheep skin rug.
Much of the quality of the end product is dependant upon you, the symmetry and location of the incision, skinning of the tail and general field care. Some hair loss or slip can be expected around bullet holes and gut incisions.
Some trimming for symmetry may be undertaken during the finishing stages.
If you get the skin wet at any stage please return to us for dry cleaning for no charge.

Early Season reminders to Guides

Before the season starts, I thought I would take the opportunity to give you some early season reminders. Please return all folders for updating of price-lists.
A. Label trophies correctly.
We don’t need your business name on the animals, but we need the clients name that is surname and first initial eg J. Smith and instructions Taxi for Taxidermy and Exp for Expedite or To advise if unknown. We also need the species and item e.g. Stag whole skull or Stag cape etc. We need this information upon delivery so as to not delay the processing the trophies, freezer storage space is limited.
B. Locate the labels correctly and use cable ties.
Free laminated instructions on how to label trophies are available from our studio.
C. Ensure you maintain proper standards of field care. Do not wrap the skin around the head when freezing this can cause “hair slip” and delays the thawing process. Beware of flyblow on early season hunts. Do not tie trophies to the top of your vehicle exposed to the elements. If you do not have access to a chiller hire on we can get one for you at a special rate get one or utilise our 24 hour drop off service.
D. To help your hunters can budget for your trip, we are happy to provide comprehensive no hidden cost quotes by in advance of the hunt.
We are happy to work with you on this. I would rather spend their money with you killing more animals and worry about the taxidermy cost once they get home.
E. Please ensure that the client provides credit card details for expediting before they leave the country. Last year I spent hours on the phone and computer chasing up payments while the boxes piled up in our store. I still have some outstanding unpaid expediting consignments from 2009. We simply don’t have the room to store unpaid expediting goods and insurance cover on them is limited.
F. Familiarise yourself with our “Terms”. It is in everyone interest that we maintain a professional approach to these aspects of our business.
G. Our showroom is our greatest marketing asset: our work and studio sells itself but the hunters need to see it. We can pick up at they airport if they are passing through. Hunters that may wish to visit our studio on weekends or on public holidays Please have a look at your year planner now and give us the heads up.
H. Familiarise yourself and your guides with the new types of mounts on offer.
Wallbust are pedestals are all in vogue and you need to be familiar with any special skinning and labelling requirements.
Thank you for your co-operation, if you have any questions do not hesitate to call me we are happy to come and visit you and provide all the staff training necessary. We look forward to being of assistance this season.
The Taxidermist is located at

146 Glenda Drive,

Phone: Tel: +64 3 442 3006

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